Friendship versus Love | Call Girls Stories

The question about whether male-female friendship exists is one of the most disputable one in the world. All the people have divided into two parts: some of them think that there is no any friendship between a man and Call Girl, others are sure that it is possible to be friends with any person regardless of sex, race, faith and other peculiarities.

Indian psychologists say that males and females can be friends in case they believe in it. If Call Girl is convinced that all men always seek for intimacy with her friend, she will provoke him to make impudent steps to realize it. It turns out that the possibility of male-female friendship depends on our readiness to believe in it.

Nevertheless, it happens so that even novel Call Girls who believe in friendly relationship of heterosexual people face the situations when in the guise of friendship a man tries to warm himself into Call Girls’ confidence and to win her heart, to incline her to love or even marriage. Very often men aim to get intimacy from an inaccessible Call Girl under the pretence of friendship and when they reach their goal, they disappear from her life.

So if you are suffering of a dilemma about how to tell the difference between male-female friendly relationship and love, first of all it is necessary to understand whether it is friendship or not. It is characterized not only by the desire to hang out together, drink coffee and go to dinner. A friend stays a friend in a difficult situation. He helps to deal with problems and is ready to listen to your whining and he will always help with a piece of advice. So if you have defined friendship successfully and see that there is no probable competitor, it exists. But what are the sign of male amorousness? Indian psychologists have singled out the most striking example of it.

Excessive emotions. A man in love gives himself away by emotions. Even though most males are able it hide their feelings, a female can notice without any difficulty whether he experiences excitement or yips when he speaks about Call Girl. Sometimes males are unsatisfied when they are asked about his relationship with Call Girl. And if you see that he rushes to the meeting with Call Girl and if he is excited and contented after this encounter, it is highly possible that it is love, not just friendship.

Desire to care. This feature is complex and ambiguous. The wish to help and care can be part of friendship, though if it is too hypertrophied and if he starts putting the priorities of one Call Girl higher than all the others – it is probable that he is in love.

Motives of intimacy. A man who is not just a friend but aspires to something more is often interested in intimate relationship with Call Girl. He tells anecdotes about it, discusses intimate problems people can have; that is he tries to ‘get the lay of the land’. He looks at Call Girl 90% percent of all the time that they communicate and he is not able to take his look of her.

He always finds time to meet with Call Girl. Friends can help each other – there is no way without it. But in contrast to people in love they know the limit in this question. A really loving male is blind in this situation. He is ready to rush to solve completely absurd problems even risking his well-being, sleep or health.

He is happy to introduce Call Girl to his friends. Men are quite reserved in the questions of private relationship. They can feel really shy to introduce their wives to friends. And as for Call Girls they are in love with, they usually try not to show them to anybody as long as possible. And only when his feelings become intense and stable, a man begins introducing his Call Girl to friends and acquaintances, parents and relatives.

The list of features that differ pure friendship from other relationships could be prolonged. However, the conclusion that is necessary to draw here is that an observant Call Girl with a good intuition will never miss the moment when friendly relationship with a man starts growing into something deeper and stronger. It is necessary to be open to observation and be attentive to men. In this case everything will click into its place.

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